Although our company’s foundation was built on artist management, we made the move early in our history to start a label to support the 25 plus artists that we managed and booked. Our masters have been distributed by many of the top labels in the world and many of its artists have enjoyed measurable success. With the advent of the “digital age” the company hooked up with the world’s leading Independent Distributor The Orchard and in fact Trilogy Records was one of the first Canadian label to sign a distribution agreement with The Orchard.  Based in Toronto, Canada with an office in Paris, France the company is truly international. Our partnership with Jean Davoust Editeur has put us boots on the ground in Europe and broadened the company’s publishing and production interests. With the advances in new media technologies and the shift from physical to digital the company was quick to react and made the shift incorporating video/film while maintaining a strong emphasis on music and music creators. The company excels in marketing and has been able to effectively implement multi-layering into the marketing of its interests and activities, garnering the company global success.

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