Backstage Productions – Our Company has lots to offer! Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this is provide you with some background and recall a few major achievements.

With over 30+ years of experience and access to a world of talent including “special creatives” from all areas of the artistic community as well as select groups of music, video, film and business professionals who are specialists in their field, Backstage Productions is a virtual one stop when it comes to any project.

From development to fulfillment we have a proven track record for taking a concept from backstage to frontstage. The company’s president has produced some of the biggest projects on record generating excitement, artistic brilliance, and bottom line, value for production.  Take the Musikantenstadl… Backstage took on the production from start to finish – a two year endeavour that saw 5,000 tourist invade Toronto for 3 days along with 500 Singers and Musicians from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The event resulted in $18M into Toronto coffers (during a recession), a network Broadcast on CTV and an Eurovision Broadcast which saw the show viewed by 60 million viewers.

Backstage Productions managed the legendary Ronnie Hawkins for 20 years and took on what some would call an aging artist and kept his profile front and center in the entertainment business with major bookings, sponsorships and tours around the world, including Pink Floyd’s concert commemorating the tearing down of The Berlin Wall; A Concert to mark the U.S. release of the acclaimed recording “Let It Rock”, which was staged in Washington D.C. at the fabulous Canadian Embassy. During the concert Hawkins was presented with his first ever Gold Record. The audience included many High level members of the White House staff as well as Canadian Dignitaries and a contingent of media. Following the festivities Hawkins and a small contingent were treated to a visit to the White House; A collection of record releases, videos, television shows and documentaries that rank as The Hawk’s most successful works from a sales standpoint and Canadian production value.

And then there’s Manee – Thailand’s version of Madonna who sold 8M copies in SE Asia with the Canadian enhanced recording Super Star. The project was sprinkled with a Canadian element recording the album in Canada, enlisting Canadian songwriters to write the songs and Canadian singers, dancers and musicians to appear on tour which saw the making of a film documentary “Superstar”; a concert performance including multiple performances on the Cote D’Azur, including a night at Jimmy’s in Monaco with an audience of Princes and Princesses and a performance at MIDEM in Cannes, France which played host to a cast of music industry elite and a star studded audience atop the Carlton Hotel at the Lavish Otero Bar and Restaurant followed by a tour in Thailand.

The Company’s label TRILOGY RECORDS has likely sold more single digital downloads than all the truly independent Canadian record labels in Canada combined.

A Few of Our TV & Film initiative includes:

130 Episodes of Graham Kerr’s Gathering Place in both 60 minute and 30 minute formats.

The Productions of multiple Television Specials and films including: “Let It Rock”, The highly acclaimed documentary “Let It Rock at the Crossroads of Rock’N’Roll”; a concert special for Canadian band Organic Funk “Live at Disneyland Paris” and a documentary Film entitled “Being a Musician in Today’s World” hosted by Holger Petersen; a camera animated children’s special entitled “The Story of Lydia”.

All of the aforementioned productions are award-winning Productions and have been highly endorsed!