Expressions of the Canadian Heart

Expressions of the Canadian Heart

Expressions of the Canadian Heart

Expressions of the Canadian Heart
Symphony Orchestra of Canada

Symphony Orchestra of Canada


The Symphony Orchestra of Canada is an ensemble of Canada’s finest musicians, drawn from the members of The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Opera Company and The National Ballet of Canada. Their artistic director, Stefanos Karabekos, has assembled a brilliant collection of the orchestra’s best recordings, which is available on Trilogy Records International.

1. Overture to Russian and Ludmila (Mikhail Glinka)
2. Act II Entr’acte Overture (Georges Bizet)
3. Overture to William Tell (Giacomo Rossini)
4. Overture, “The Hebrides” (Felix Mendelssohn)
5. Rhapsody Tessaloniki 1977 (Stefanos Karabekos)
6. Barn Dance (John Weinzweig)
7. Dance of the Comedians (Bedrich Smetana)
8. Rhapsody No. 2 (Stefanos Karabekos)
9. Light Cavalry Overture (Franz von Suppé)
10. O Canada (Caliza Lavalle)

The Symphony Orchestra of Canada, (formerly the New World Symphony Orchestra of Toronto), is an eighty-member orchestra comprising some of Canada’s finest musicians. As one of the newest orchestras to be formed in Canada, the first mandate was to assemble the finest musicians Canada has to offer.

In 1980, founder and current Artistic Director, Stefanos Karabekos, began conducting an ensemble that consisted of members of the Toronto Symphony. This ensemble toured eight consecutive years and performed at many of Canada’s renowned venues including, The Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Jubliee Theatre in Calgary, Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall, Ontario Place, O’Keefe Centre and Convocation Hall.

In 1992, Stefanos Karabekos with members of the Toronto Symphony, The National Ballet of Canada and the Canadian Opera Company established what is now known as the Symphony Orchestra of Canada. Led by Conductor and Artistic Director, Mr. Karabekos, the orchestra has been committed to promoting and showcasing the Canadian musical identity at home and abroad. An event we are all very excited about is the upcoming Symphonic Olympic Journey.

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