• Still Loved By Someone
Still Loved by Someone
Still Loved by Someone Written and Performed by J.K. Gulley Star Satellite Music Co. (SOCAN) Trilogy Records International Distributed by The Orchard/Sony

JK’s D-Day Tribute inspired by a true story.

“ I was reading a story sometime ago about a solider who was killed in action at Normandy and it captured my heart compelling me to write this song. I hope this Story touches you the way it touched me. Thank you for listening and watching. And thank you to all the men and woman who gave their lives to make our world a better place to live. Lest we forget”.  JK Gulley

D-Day Normandy Beach
D-Day Normandy Beach


D-Day Badge
D-Day. Normandy landings concept.

D-Day 77th Anniversary
June 6, 1944 – June 6, 2021.
Lest We Forget
Thank you to those who gave their lives
so we could enjoy the Freedom we do today!

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