Scott Stephenson

At 6’ 1” Scott Stephenson comes to Backstage Productions International with a stunning repertoire and voice to match. With today's discoveries often found through an online presence, Scott is no exception. Catching the ear and eye of an European EDM/Dance label, Scott was asked to sing a couple of tracks which will be released later this year. Having been exposed to Scott’s vocal styling through his online presence prompted the label head of Trilogy Records International, Steve Thomson, to ink a deal with Scott which resulted in securing noted Montreal Producer Kay Bustamante. Production for Scott’s debut album begins later this month after Bustamante returns from her Native Chile where she has been promoting her new Album “Fearless” being released by Trilogy Records International and distributed world-wide by The Orchard. “We are pleased to introduce Scott Stephenson as our newest find. We feel he will be a big hit with today’s music fans across the board. We have great prospects for his future and we are delighted to offer a sampling of his vocal talents, courtesy of our friends at LYA. We hope you enjoy the recording.” states Steve Thomson label President.