Canada’s Backstage Productions International is at MIDEM with a host of programs including a new pilot for a Documentary Series entitled “Being A Musician in Today’s World”. The first in a planned series, the Documentary Feature is hosted by Music Historian and Broadcaster Holger Petersen, the host of CBC’s “Saturday Night Blues”. Holger in his affable style guides the audience through the bands journey as they share some of their trade secrets when it comes to song writing, song selection and the pitfalls of staging not only an international tour and surviving in a business that is somewhat saturated with talent… that tends to blur the lines between the serious and novel, overlooking the minstrels of our time. The documentary was Produced & Directed by Steve Thomson who among his other credits also produced and directed the award winning documentary “Let It Rock at The Crossroads of Rock’N’Roll” and the companion Concert Special “Let It Rock” which boasts performance by some of the rock world’s most legendary artists including Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, The Band, Jeff Healey, Ronnie Hawkins and an all-star band.

In addition to the company’s array of music productions the Backstage Catalogue’s pre HD productions have been up converted delivering a full HD broadcast signal. This is particularly noteworthy with Graham Kerr’s Gathering Place a/k/a the former Galloping Gourmet. Now available in HD as well as Standard Definition, the 130 episode Gathering Place series, has been retooled for web broadcast offering a full array of features including downloadable recipes with a shopping list and optional “couponing” perfect for building broadcast loyalty and sponsor recognition to a public that are not only more health conscious than ever but also looking for value – a definite win-win for everyone. Recent stats suggest that the fastest growing internet audience is the baby boomer plus audience: and what are they looking for… Some of the top interests for the Baby Boomer Crowd are Travel, Health, Recipes and Nostalgia – The Gathering Place boasts all of that! The stats speak for themselves … three of the top 10 activities performed by seniors on the internet are Personal Health Care (7), Planning Leisure Travel Trips (8) and Searching Recipes/Meal Planning suggestions (9) – all 3 topics can be found in one place – Graham Kerr’s Gathering Place. Talk about a renaissance…

Lastly, Backstage Productions is currently looking for co-production opportunities for what could be the company’s most ambitious doc undertaking to date Mr. Broadway, A documentary about showbiz icon, Bob Merrill, and his journey to Broadway success composing “People”, “Funny Girl”, “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, “Mambo Italiano” and hundreds of other hit songs while not knowing how to read or write music. A life filled with laughter and good times ending in tragedy.

Steve Thomson can be contacted at during MIDEM at Paris (33) (0)6 20 06 79 47 or Toronto (01) (416) 291-4913.