• The Best
  • Mambo Italiano
  • Love Touch
  • Obsession
  • Never
  • Invincible
  • Love Is A Battlefield
  • Werewolves Of London
  • Walkin' In The Sunshine
  • The Warrior
  • I'm There
  • Workin' Overtime
  • Red Hot Screamin' Love
  • If I Knew You Were Comin' I'dve Baked A Cake
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  • American Boy
  • She's Taken A Shine
  • Try A Little Harder
  • How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
  • Tina Marie
  • The Fear Of Being Alone
  • The Truth
  • Show Me

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One of our major interests is Music Publishing. In addition to our internal music publishing catalogues, we sub-publish in Canada some of the biggest hits in the world, controlled by Music & Media International, Intl’.

The titles range from classics including “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”, “Mambo Italiano”, “Absent Minded Me”, “Funny (Not Much)” all written by Bob Merrill and recorded by dozens of Major Artists, to contemporary hits including “(Simply) The Best”, written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight, and recorded by Tina Turner, “Never” by Heart, “Love Touch” by Rod Stewart, “Workin’ Overtime” by Diana Ross, “Obsession” by Animotion, “American Boy” by Eddie Rabbit, “Woke Up In Love” by Exile, “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon and countless more .

As Publishers our objective to make acquiring the music rights for your next film, television production, special project or commercial a pleasant experience, while giving you our tremendous catalogue of great songs and access to our knowledgeable staff to assist you in your selection process.

With thousands of titles to choose from and a staff of professional writers, music supervisors, arrangers and producers, we can provide an instant solution for your music needs.

Check out some of our titles and see just some of the artists that have recorded our songs!

The key to a good song is often times Collaboration. You could say this also applies to music publishing.  We are extremely proud to carry this attribute through to our Music Publishing Division with two unbelievably talented individuals and their company’s, John Massa (Music & Media Intl’.) and Jean Davoust (Jean-Davoust-Editeur).

John Massa is President of Music & Media Int’l. As a young musician John was taken under the wing of music industry heavyweight the late Billy Meshel, and has emerged as a major player in Music Publishing Worldwide. It was a mutual best friend Kay Rickets, President of Japan’s Taiyo Music who introduced Steve to Billy Meshel & John Massa, this led to a sub-publishing arrangement which has evolved into multiple collaborations in the Music and Entertainment Business.

Billy Meshel Memorial

Jean Davoust is a leader in the French Music Business. As one of the most respected Music Publishers in Europe Jean heads up the French MPA and was long time Managing Director of Warner Chappell Music where Jean and Steve first met. Their relationship has evolved tremendously as they joined forces aligning their music interests and multiple side projects that they manage together.

Check out BACKSTAGE SYNC and sign up to get access to our music.  You can stream it, download our tracks and sync your video clip or scene online. This is for professionals and to receive all the benefits you must be a Professional and will have to register – it only takes a minute.


The following is a short list of some of the Top 10 Billboard Hits we represent. We can make these titles and more readily available for license, subject to terms and conditions. We pride ourselves in quick turnarounds – A music users dream! We have several thousand titles, here are just a few:


Love Touch – Rod Stewart
(Simply) The Best – Tina Turner
Jam – Michael Jackson
2 Bad – Michael Jackson
Love and My Best Friend – Janet Jackson
Say You Do – Janet Jackson
Change – Beanie Sigel
Bust A Move – Young MC

Kids In America – Kim Wilde
Kids of The Future – Jonas Brothers
Invincible – Pat Benatar
Love Is A Battlefield – Pat Benatar

Workin’ Overtime – Diana Ross
Obsession – Animotion
Never – Heart
Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon


Walkin’ In The Sunshine – Frank Sinatra
Mambo Italiano – Rosemary Clooney
Make Yourself Comfortable – Sara Vaughn
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window – Pattie Page
Funny (Not Much) – Nat King Cole
Absent Minded Me – Barbara Streisand
Red Hot Screamin’ Love – Dolly Parton
She’s Taken A Shine – John Berry
She’s A Miracle – Exile
Woke Up In Love – Exile
Give Me Just One More Chance – Exile
I’m There – Eddie Rabbitt

We have covers available for most of the above titles or we can produce a master upon request.

Independent Music – New Discoveries

Our company has produced some great Canadian artists.

In most instances we control both the music and masters. You can listen too many of the recording on Trilogy Records – our company’s label division. Of particular note is our Reggae Catalogue, which is one of the most respected reggae catalogues in Canada. Many of the titles are songs that have been used in the top rated TV series “Da Kink In My Hair” which has been broadcast world-wide.

In addition we have had the pleasure of producing some excellent Canadian Classical Music and control both the music and high quality masters for productions including music by The Symphony Orchestra of Canada and Elizabeth Spano. We also have a collection of what is considered some of the “greatest classical musicians from the Twentieth Century” which we have packages in a collection entitled The Classical Music Anthology. All of our music is available world-wide on the internet through our distribution partner, The Orchard, and sells consistently around the worlds.

We have a vast array of composers who create music for films and television. Our award winning resident Orchestrator, Luciano Lombardi has four CDs to his name including a Sound Track for the film “Contutti L’Amore Che Ho” a film by Angelo Antonucci, which is receiving a wide release in Italian Cinemas beginning April 2016. The sound track is currently available on Trilogy Records.

In addition to our many North American Catalogues we represent the esteemed catalogue of our business partner Jean Davoust Editeur and a collection of urban music by many of America’s leading urban artists.

Just a few organizations using our music.