Backstage Productions International is a division of Trilogy Entertainment Group Inc. which is comprised of three separate divisions:

1. Backstage Productions International – the management / production / distribution division

2. Trilogy Records International – the recording music division

3. Backstage Music Publishing  and Star Satellite Music Co. (SOCAN) – the music publishing division

The company is headed up by Steve Thomson, a veteran in the field of entertainment for over thirty years. Thomson has assembled a team of professionals with expertise in every area of the company’s domains having alliances with some of the world’s most recognized professionals and entertainment corporations. The team of professionals include directors, producers, talent agents, in-house legal council including facilities. With the multi tiered marketing approach that Backstage Productions International is famous for… we can bring your ideas and dreams from front stage on to the world stage.

The company can tackle any project whether it be domestic or international and achieve the highest levels of production consistent with today’s technological advances to insure the maximum level of quality and market appeal.

The company has produced some of the biggest entertainment extravaganzas on record. Based in Toronto, Canada with offices in Paris, France, the company has access to a wealth of international talent from both the artistic and corporate sectors of the entertainment world. Collectively the team has produced and directed over 100 projects in the film and television arenas and over 300 recordings through its recording division, Trilogy Records, and hundreds of concerts and events through its production entity. The company’s music publishing division with its associates is a substantial player in music publishing globally.

Current projects which the company is developing include a documentary film based on the history of Reggae Music and Canada’s role in establishing Reggae Music as a major genre; A film entitled The Cedars of Lebanon,  told through the eyes of the Lebanese people and set against the magnificent backdrop of the vast array of antiquities and ruins found throughout Lebanon which is also the home of the oldest city in civilization – Byblos. The inspiration for the film came from a song entitled the “Cedars of Lebanon” which was first performed at the United Nations in Geneva during the inaugural Global Peace Initiative an annual conference heralded as a major influencer when it comes to World Peace.

Memorable success include the Award Winning Documentary entitled “Let It Rock at the Crossroads of Rock’n’Roll” which also received an endorsement from the Smithsonian Institution’s Rock’n’Soul Museum. The Award Winning Concert Special “Let It Rock” with Ronnie Hawkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, The Band, Jeff Healey and Lawrence Gowan. The Award Winning camera animated children’s special “The Story of Lydia” based on the true story of Lydia Christensen Prince. 

For more information on productions or a list of current music titles, contact Steve Thomson, President of Backstage Productions International in Toronto, Canada at Tel: (416) 291-4913 or Fax: (416) 297-7784 or please send him a note at